Scan, copy, and print your blueprints at DC Printing.


Blueprint Copying and Printing

In addition to scanning blueprints, we can copy existing drawings and print from digital files.

  • Files can be up to 42" wide in color or up to 36" wide in black and white.
  • Bond paper, color bond paper, florescent paper, heavy stock, and historical paper are available.
  • Finishing options: Stapling, binding, and collating
Email Files (less than 7MB) Upload Files (7MB up to 1GB)

Color Blueprints

Color creates maximum visual impact; why not add some to your drawings?

Hi-speed, economical color blueprints are finally available! Color elements add clarity and meaning to the information contained in drawings, maps, renderings, and diagrams.

Color also enables the presentation of 3D-data on a two-dimensional paper to highlight critical areas or indicate changes.

Hi-speed color isn't for just blueprints. Use it for:

  • Color-Coding
  • Mark-Ups
  • Highlights
  • Photo Overlays
  • Revision Notes
  • Approval Stamps
  • Renderings
  • Maps

Waterproof Blueprints

Tyvek® is tear resistant, water resistant, foldable, recyclable, and class "A" flame and smoke-rated. And you can still use pencil, pen, and highlighter on Tyvek® to mark up your plans.

This is the perfect option for your job site. Tyvek® will replace the need for taping the edges of drawings, laminating, or using plastic bags to protect your plans—saving you time and money!